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November 24, 2020

Penne with Smokey Joe and yellow peppers

for 2


1 tbs Olive oil

1/2 yellow pepper, cut in medium sized strips. Cut some extra to add at the last minute before serving.

1 Onion, chopped

2 Smokey Joe sausages, cut open and using the meat

White wine, a dash should do

Worcestershire suace, a dash or two

2 tomates, cut in medium sized cubes

Salt and white pepper,to taste


- In a deep frying pan, heat the olive oil, add the peppers and let cook on a low flame.

- When the peppers start cooking, getting slightly soft, add the choppped onions and leave it on the low flame until slightly caramilised (aprox. 10 mintues).  

- In the meantime, cut the sausages open, remove the meat from the casing and give them your desired shape. In my case, I just cut at regular intervals so as to not over knead the dough.

- Add the meat to the frying pan, raise the flame.

- Add the Worcestershire sauce and the tomatoes, until the tomatoes start to cook (aprox. 3 minutes).

- Add the wine, lower the flame and let it simmer until it evaporates (aprox. 8 minutes).

- Whilst the frying pan is engaged with the sauce, cook the penne following the instruction on the pack (or from your favourite deli). Before draining the liquid, keep a couple of spoons full to thicken your sauce.

- Mix the penne through your sauce and serve on warmed plates.

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